Khartoum dervishes


The ubiquitous Toyota 4×4 is used throughout Africa to transport everything and everyone.

This group was leaving a weekly whirling dervish ceremony in Khartoum, Sudan, just after sunset. I love the dynamics of the group; the little boy standing behind the cabin, the dad and child looking at the mobile phone and the two women talking to each other.

The shot was a jpeg straight out of my Fujifilm XT2 camera, unedited. It was taken on a 35mm f2 lens (f2 at 1/250sec). The lens is weather-sealed which prevents sand and dust from getting into the lens mechanism.

After the whirling dervish ceremony, locals laid out their prayer mats and lit paraffin lamps, pictured below.


Khartoum’s Soufi whirling dervishes are religious liberals who celebrate tolerance. They gather at the Hamed al Nil mosque one hour before sundown every Friday and dance, sing and whirl in the cemetery dust inside a large circle of their followers.



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